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School Rules

Start and End of Recess

  • Times for the play structure

    • 8:00 - 8:15 a.m., M - F, Grades Kindergarten - 5th Grade

    • 9:55 - 10:10 a.m., M - F, Grades 1st - 2nd

    • 10:15-10:30 a.m., M - F, Grades Kindergarten, 3rd - 5th Grade

    • Varied times at lunch

  • Students are to walk to recess. No running is permitted on the blacktop unless you are in an organized game.

  • At morning recess: When the bell rings, students are to freeze, then walk to their line after the whistle.

  • At lunch recess: When the whistle blows to end your recess, students must put away their recess equipment and walk to their line.

School Rules

  1. Treat others with respect.
  2. Work to solve your problems.
  3. Make good decisions.


  1. Students are to dress in Mayne’s school colors: Forest Green, Khaki, Brown and White
  2. Absolutely no: jeans, hats, solid red/blue, sports team logos.


  1. Students are to be on the yard, beyond the yellow line. No one should be in the hallway, unless waiting for the bathroom.
  2. No students are permitted beyond the concrete pathway at the end of the grass (by the AYC).
  3. Students are not allowed behind any trees or bushes along the perimeter of the yard or buildings.
  4. The students are allowed on the grass as far as the end of the quad buildings.
  5. For no reason is a student allowed to leave the school grounds or be in a classroom without supervision.

Rules for the Blacktop/Grass

  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  2. Rubber balls (no matter what color) are the only balls that may be kicked into the air. Soccer balls can only be kicked waist high (to pass, not in the air).
  3. Basketballs are only for passing and shooting. They may not be kicked.
  4. Balls can only be kicked on the grass, unless you are playing an organized kick-ball game.
  5. Running on the blacktop is only for organized games.
  6. No swinging/sitting on the tetherballs.
  7. A count of 5 is enough to get a drink.
  8. Absolutely no play equipment from home. (This means no toys at school.)
  9. Eat your snacks on the green benches and pick up your trash afterwards.

Rules for the Play Structure

  1. Keep hands and feet to yourself (especially no pushing on the play structure).
  2. No balls, jump ropes, or snacks on the play structure or in the tanbark area.
  3. No running on the play structure or on the tanbark.
  4. Never jump off the play structure.
  5. Go down the slide feet first, on your bottom.
  6. One student at a time on the slide.
  7. Move away from the bottom of the slide as soon as you are done.


  1. Warning
  2. Benched at tables/Detention
  3. Reminder Slip, which comes home